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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My shoes are so bright I need to wear shades.


No I was not eaten by a WETA!

Apparently protected species here in New Zealand.
How nice.

I would just like to point out at this point that before I boshed it one ... it was already half crippled by my toes entering the boot and it could hardly walk.

SO, actually I was doing the right thing and putting the gorgeous adorable, protected thing a favour.

Anyway, talking of boots...

I have said my sweet goodbye to the much loved but crap quality, crap quality, did I say CRAP quality Kurt Geiger boots with soles that must have been made with sliced white.   Today I left them at the yoga centre as I could not bear give them to the bin in town when I bought my brand new spanking sparkling shiny silver ridiculous mew DISCO BOOTS!

Groove Walking... right up to the sky... yeah. '

So they have gone to the unknown.... 

I just thought that someone else would find a home for them!? 
... maybe squeeze another month in the city in them?!
My feet were beginning to ache as they were a bit wide in the first place and now they were no good for moon walking.  I have the flattest thinnest feet in the world and have always had to wear orthotics in my shoes to give me some sort of arch!  SO, I need good disco boots, always.  Maybe I should have just thrown them away and it was a bad thing to do to leave them on the shelf at the yoga centre.  Oh well ... you never know. reminds me of the time I went to that class in San Fran when I had to borrow some second hand gear and it ponged.... no one will want to wear those boots for yoga but at least they were pong free.  
These new boots are almost embarrassingly shiny! 
Takes conviction .... but why the hell not as my dear friend A said!  
Why the hell not wear silver moon boots on a daily basis! 

Would post a photo but I am scared I might blind you.  I will wait till the right moment.

On Wednesday I am off on a little jaunt to a BIRD SANCTUARY.... Bit worried these new boots might frighten the birds off.  That is the feathered bird variety by the way.  

THEN I am going for a week in the bush on my own in The Coromandel ..... no... not in a tent in the style of Ray Mears.  I am being very kindly given use of a BACH ( beach house in the bush) for a week where I am going to draw... get some ideas together, write a few applications and eat porridge.  I know that a lot of my friends at this point will be thinking .... WHAT A LIFE!  

I am possibly going to be doing a WORKSHOP IN THE COROMANDEL on the 11th and 12th Sept.  
If you are interested in doing this or know anyone else who wants to catch me before I whizz off please contact me ASAP.

It will be an opportunity in to have a week to recharge my artistic mojo so to speak!  
I haven't done anything creative myself for 3 months..... I am thinking about these exhibitions in 2011 including a solo show at QUARRY BANK MILL, Styal, Cheshire in an new exhibition space they are developing there for Easter next year.  Which is very exciting and I want to produce at least one more new quilt in a similar vein to the piece I did for LIBERTY.  I also have to complete the piece I have been carrying around with me in my suitcase before it gets totally tired with travelling and post it home for an exhibition.  I have been asked to contribute to a show in London at the SHOW Studio in January .... Blimey oh Riley ... never a dull moment!  

In three weeks time I am teaching my penultimate workshop and I want it to be different.  Over the next couple of weeks I need to sort out what exactly I am going to do.... this could be the start of a new phase of workshops so that is very exciting! 

SO lots to do really. . . Including getting an application for COLLECT together - the creme de la creme show at the Saatchi Gallery in London next year.  They have started a new initiative which allows individuals to apply with an installation or show idea.  Tough as nails to get selected and I don't hold out much hope but if you don't try and all that jazz.  

So that's what I a going to be up to.... including a spot of Bird Watching! 

Hoping to get take lots of photos over the next few weeks. 

Speak soon peeps.

Lou Jackson Travolta.

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