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Thursday, 5 August 2010

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,......

No this is not a volcano.
All the hills and mountains sport hats.  
A different hat for a different day.  

My mini trek up Queens Town Hill.

I left the walk till later in the day and there was no one in the wood but me as I climbed the path to the top... about 1 and a half hours up through the Ghost trees and over the padded fir cone covered floor.  At one point I really picked up pace worried that it might get dark whilst I was in the wood .. a slight moment of mountain madness. All in all the trek was about 3and a half hours ... my knees gave in on the way down. OH JOY!

The ghost trees of Queenieville.

A sprinkling of STA for you.  
Is the word on the streets yet?

 I can feel myself improving all the time and I really feel I am pushing the timed art to its limits.

10 seconds is all it takes. 
To make ART! To TAKE ART! 
I am surprised I havent had a phone call from Saatchi yet.

Do you like my walking shoes/ disco boots?
I got a few funny looks at the top from some passing chaps but I am used to that.  

You can see where I taught the workshop from here if you squint.

Chow for now.

Lou Snap Snap Ping!


  1. For goodness sake I hate to think you are so cold at night and have to listen to all those pathetic people, yabbering on.

    When are you due to go to Dunedin??

    Please email me you have my details written down and we will see if we can sort some treats for you while you are in Dunnas.


    Michelle Naughty Gauty

  2. I am Here!

    I arrived this avo. I am teaching tomorrow and Sunday and leave Monday. My host is entertaing me tomorrow night but I will be at the DPAG ... Dunedin art gallery... revving the machines in the days. All a bit of a squish M. Anyway I thought you were off on a romantic adventure!?
    I have got a lovely warm bed tonight. :)



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