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Friday, 16 July 2010

Whitebait Fritters!!!

Well that was a first, a whitebait fritter crossed with an omelet!  

White baiting is a New Zealand phenomenon!  Its seasonal but an important part of NZ culture.  AND really tasty.  Served with buttered white bread and cups of sweet tea.  Reminded me of Chelford market with dad when I was little - greasy spoons - bacon sandwiches with a load of farmers! Love it!

Had a lovely drive to New Plymouth, me sat in the back,  Eileen and Wendy in the front, brilliant. 
I was not in control and it was so nice!!!!  Saw Taranaki mountain or Mount Edmont with its snowy peak and a little cloudy cap in the sky just sitting above it which apparently means it is going to rain!   

AND MY GOD ... did it?????!!!!  Has poured down all afternoon. Wintry wetness.

Staying with Wendy in her peely but charming house and we had jacket spuds for tea .. brilliant!!!! Got a hotty in bed waiting (of the red rubber variety) and can you believe it ...'Dancing on Ice' BRITISH  TV is on the box!

It's really nice being in a home and being left to it. 

More ladies tomorrow ... think we will do something a bit different.


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