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Saturday, 24 July 2010


Tonight I very nearly went out.  

In fact I even had a shower! Washed and blew my hippy hair which has grown loads and is a mess, put some funky new earrings in and the silk top I have been carrying around for two months in a ball in my case, still donning the jeans of course, a bit of lippy, mazzy and jazzy blush as you do.... and then sat on the sofa of my hosts house watching telly with my new favourite man, Marshall.  He is my hero, he is 86 and fit as a fiddle.  The group I was meant to be joining obviously got waylaid with the tide.. and as a sensible boring electric blanket fan who has work in the morning ... it got too late with no news so I chickened out of my misadventure.  BOOOOO!!!!!!!!! RUBBISH!!!!!! What a poof.

I am in a lovely house in Nelson with my hosts Donna, Wayne and Donna's Dad.  We had amazing steaks for our dinner and I made the salad and the dressing.   We watched a program on the Romans, then a DVD on Thin Lizzy.  We talked about sit ups, Marshall's guide to health and longevity and we drank lots of NZ wine.  Brilliant.  

The ladies in the class today were keen, there were flames in their eyes and by the end of the day flames coming out of their machines!  (Not as much as Wendy's in New Plymouth though - who's machine exploded and smoked as she ran out of the room with it!)  

There was a certain magic in the air today, a really lovely appreciation of why we were all there... maybe its because I let them use tables and didn't shout as much.  
I don't want to pick out any particular Guild for fear of not talking about another but maybe I am just getting better at this when I thought I would get worse.  My little breaks alone and quiet times are paying off and keeping my stamina up.  

BUT not enough to get me out on the town past 11pm!  

Good night dearest Doughnuts.

Lazy Lashes Lou. 

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