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Monday, 5 July 2010

An afternoon in LA.

This is my last post in the USA as I am flying to NZ tonight for the main reason I am travelling. To spread the love of free machine embroidery and drawing and spontaneous creation and labour intensive LOVIN.

Of course, the whole reason I am able to do this trip is I have been invited by the lovely ladies of New Zealand to be their speaker at the ANZEG 2010 conference which starts on Saturday. The first speaker is me at 9am. I better get practising!
A job for the plane... I could do a talk for the other passengers. :)

I then have a packed itinerary which takes me right round the two islands of New Zealand on a jam packed and jolly workshop tour where i will be getting the dance music on and getting everybody revved up for some sewing machine action like never before.

I have the last leg of my solo road trip to LA where I hope to squeeze in a bottom lift and some new teeth before hopping on the plane tonight. Fingers crossed returning the car will be seamless and I will get through security with my new huge boobies. Might even get to see some stars .... Embroidery isnt very well known in Hollywood so I doubt anyone will recognise me.... but you never know!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tales and thoughts in the US of A and I hope to see you all in New Zealand where my blog will no doubt take on a new twist. I cant wait actually as I am looking forward to having purpose again and being surrounded by welcoming ladies.

Please tell your friends if you are enjoying this blog and please comment if you feel the need. Its always lovely to get some feedback.

With Best Wishes to you all,

Think of me in the sky.

Louisey Gardinelly. :P


  1. Thanks Louise, I've enjoyed following your US adventure - some of the characters, from scary bus drivers to sea lions, would make great embroidery subjects!
    Have fun in NZ.

  2. I've enjoyed the US posts. Have fun in NZ!

  3. Hi Louise

    I have admired your work from afar for some time...and I don't know how but I have just managed to stumble across your blog and I am loving it you have an amazing sense of humor it is a joy to read your observations and stories.

    ~ Julie



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