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Monday, 28 June 2010

Read the information properly.

Agghhhhhhhhh,,,,, bonjour tout le monde.

Another day of walking, culture and the best ice coffee I have ever had in MY LIFE!

WOW ... Peet's coffee house sells GREAT QUAFFEE!! I mean truly Great QUAFEEEE!

Today I was a bit of a narna.

I had the most expensive bus ride of my life.

I thought .... okay ... last day..... its already afternoon ... so I will do the tourist thang and cruise the city on an open top bus! Woo! A final circuit and save my tired legs and sit and sit and watch and listen and see other tourists and get some sunshine.

So, I paid an expensive $35 for the privilege. I got on with my fruit salad lunch, my straw hat and my factor 20. I waited, it started, we got stuck in queues and I stayed on about 3 stops into the centre of town, hoping to catch the end of gay pride parade on Market street. I missed the parade but decided to actually go to another gallery ... MOMA! WOW WOW WOW WOW! I have seen to name just a sprinkling..... not only Jasper Johns, Chuck Close, Frida Khalo, Giacometti, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rauschenburg, Anselm Keefer, Richard Long, Anthony Gormley, Louise Bourgeois, Magritte, Jim Dine, Claus Oldenburg, Jeff Koons ceramic of Michael Jackson and a monkey .... and so on.... and so on.... all the paintings that you have seen in books and that I know so well having taught Art A level for two years... Basically the BIG BIG BIG names in Modernism and beyond! WOOOOOOO!

And what was great fun was guessing their names... in no other exhibition, eg. the impressionist exhibition I went to at DE YOUNG Museum, would I recognise the work.... I felt 'educated!' and it was ace.

I wandered back.... and realised that it was actually 6-30pm. Oh bum cheeks. (Appropriate slang for the SF Gay Pride Parade) and I had completely missed the last tour bus. SO... the 3 stop ride had cost me $35 - That's approximately £18 ish.... a bit more. What a wally. You'd think I had money to burn... eh what....! I had actually covered the hwole tour on foot previously too. :/

Oh My backs killing ... I could write on but I need to lie flat.

But before I forget ....

I walked past a launderette called 'JAZZWASH' which I thought was genius.

And a Lawyers called 'Away from the Darkness' HA HA!!! What a laugh!

I also bought an absolutely brilliant T shirt today in honour of my gorgeous friend FOO! Who I must contact. I will take a picture of myself in it for you soon. You're gonna love it. Its the closest i can get to a boob job.

Which reminds me, I saw the BIGGEST BOOBS I have ever seen.... falsies obviously ... I have seen bigger, but these defied gravity. I just wanted to stare at them at this Sushi place I was in, I almost had the urge to ask if I could touch them... they were so unbelievably huge and weird and fake. BIZARRE. Obviously I didn't. Actually they weren't that interesting but can you imagine buying a pair of those... what on earth would possess you? How totally dumbfounding.

I am collecting the car from the airport in the morning for my Highway 1 Road trip extravaganza....... Gotta get to a hostel called PIGEON POINT where they have hot tubs on the cliff! Bring it on baby. 'I could do with one of tose hot tubs! Yowl!"

Louserrrrr. X

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  1. Murielmarkland29 June 2010 at 22:40

    Wow!!!!!!!! One of my daughters spent her 21st birthday, penniless, walking on the Golden Gate Bridge. (13 years ago) Now she is the sensible, not quite so penniless, motrher of 1.9 children.



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