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Friday, 7 May 2010

Silver stitching pants!

Today its disco stitching day.
I have a heavy forehead headache drifting around above my eyebrows after an excruciating back treatment this morning which I know, once I have bathed, breathed, slept and rested will dissipate and I will feel hopefully, a whole lot better.
I am not very good at resting once I have had a treatment and tend to march on throttle down zoom zoom heehaw away. So here I am listening to electronic disco beats and chugging along the stitched highway of love.

What you plonker?

I got another commission today which I had discussed with the client but had completely forgotten about... so, although I have completed 4 - I have 4 to go, PLUS work for New York.
I don't even know if my New York contact is definitely going to meet me / give me the time of day ... I don't actually have an appointment and cant seem to pin one down. So that's all going to be a bit of an adventure as I wont know until I get there whether its been a waste of time or not. But hey .... I am flying by the silver seat of my spandex pants and that's the way to success... don't ya think?

Fly baby fly.

Louarna Taverna.

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