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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bonjour mes enfants!

(Picture flash - Sister Edwards - old-school traditional nun - white hair, white face, my old french teacher - frightened the life out of me.)

Hi! Hows it hanging?

Just a quickie.
In studio - feeling a little groggy after a friends birthday celebrations last night. Just about to start sewing having spent three days carefully painting piece photographed below. Its a commission for a lovely lady's birthday.

Another commission appearing from the wings.... a row of dancing people - the charleston, flying beads, hands and knees, life, love and laughter. Its a biggy and its for a big character so its gotta be good.

Still feeling slightly sick about going away and having SO much to do.
Have to keep calmly saying - one day at a time Louiji.
I am being approached every week by new customers and interested folk wanting to buy an original. Is the recession lifting? Do people know I am going away?
Partly I think its because I was on the textiles/ art A2 exam paper this year. Hundreds of students are doing Louise Gardiner's right now.
Ouch.... should that hurt?

Also - the cards are doing extremely well - the 'In Stitches' Range by Woodmansterne.
Should I be like driving a convertible by now?


Better get on.
Thanks for your comments.... I know I have a few to check but I cant figure out how to get them up..... yeah I know its probably the simplest thing in the world .......Oooohhey wooey woo woo AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Laters potatas bravas... :)

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  1. Murielmarkland4 May 2010 at 15:59

    Hope you are still going to blog whilst you are away. Can't wait to see your latest work online. I am going to pick up the work I did with you in Jersey from the framers - hope he has finished it.



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