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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Give it some throttle.

Have had to really put my foot to the pedal and cram in the hours at the studio.
Have squeezed in some yoga today and have downloaded about £50 music.

Its dark now and I have UNDERWORLD playing very loudly.
**** they are excellent.

For the first time in two years my neighbour asked me to turn the music down. Which made me smile as its usually the other way round. That's probably about 43 - 1.

I have begun a piece to take with me to New York.
Its going to be titled 'Come with me.'

I have stitched the outline shapes and like other work of the emotional series, its a swirling spinning cloud of floral shapes and berries. Again, an investigation into fertility, joy, life force, energy, movement, pattern, ecstasy and sex.

Its as close I am getting to anything like that at the moment.

The aim of the game, as before, is to give instant pleasure to the viewer despite the labour intensity of the making. To create a feeling of momentum and spontaneity.

Hope you are all good.



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