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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cooooooohey Woooeeeeey!


11th 12th 13th JUNE 2010

Jamaica Street Studios
Stokes Croft

Flyer to be posted soon.
Please come on down !

Sorry folks!

Since I last wrote I have moved house and transported all my belongings up North.

It is now a 6 week count down until I leave the country for my walkabout on the other side of the world. Wow - the other side of the world! that sounds big.

I know I am excited as I when I talk about it to people I find myself smiling - Its weird - its almost as if my face feels the excitement before my head. I actually feel apprehensive, overworked and quite sad. I am leaving Bristol after a lovely long stint and a lot of excellent friends, a fantastic studio where I look out over the whole of Bristol and have developed from a young enthusiast to a professional artist mid career probably! I love Bristol, its a really great city - I find it so beautiful - the houses have an amazing romantic appeal, the hills, the trees etc. Funny how when you know you are leaving you fall in love all over again.

First Stop - New York - to see a gallery with my work.
Second stop - San Francisco - to chill out and have a holiday - possibly find gallery representation.
Third Stop - New Zealand - to teach all the lovely ladies over there for two months right around the north and south island on an intensive tour. Then a month to recover and ski.
THEN - Thailand - spiritual enlightenment, yoga and writing ya.



OAK FARM STUDIO PROJECT, marriage and pop out a couple of babies with Jude Law. Just like that. I had a wonderful dream about him the other night, he was in the library. He looked me straight in the eyes, really casual but sexy, and said
"Lou, come round to mine and lets do drugs, have sex and I'll cook you bacon and egg."

I have been asked to write a book on my work so I hope to be able to concentrate on this whilst I travel. Quite an exciting but daunting project. Having talked a little with the publishers we are thinking of naming it after my workshops at the V & A ....


So thats my news.
Hope you are all well.

Louiji Gardinello


  1. I hope you'll not stay away too long? We'll miss you in the UK.

  2. Thanks Margaret!

    I will think of you all back in the UK sunshine as I run into the sea with Kiwi Kev.

    :) x



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