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Monday, 11 January 2010

Warrior Bling

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with my blog today.
But I thought it would make you smile.
The one in the red is my brother.


Today I finished a small piece which I really love.

It depicts an exotic kestrel 'of sorts.'  
Cap on, feathered head dress (quite burlesque in fact) and a medallion.  
His name is 'Warrior Bling.'  
Bling seems to be an ongoing theme in my life at the momento, despite the fact I own little.  What with the 'Bling and Glam' Christmas Party, a bling Christmas theme (we have a fancy dress dinner in our family) and a  v. Bling Crosby snowy Christmas. 
Ha ha. Forgive me if I have got that wrong.

I am contemplating the huge amount of stitching required on my main two pieces which are rather large and I am very behind with the work load in order to deliver the kind of exhibition at the Bluecoat which I would like to.  I wonder how Sophs getting on in her new studio - quite strange not having her working beside me after working in the same studios for nearly three years. 

My back is not good.

Stitching about between 8 and 10 hours a day but going to have to stretch that to 12 or more in order to finish.  A lot has been happening lately which has meant being disturbed and having to do other things, including my birthday which I had to drink healthy amounts of wine and beer ...... but I did work till 6.  Took a day off on Sunday to go on a long walk in Ashton Court in the snow but was jealous of people with sledges.  Even saw someone using an ironing board! Albeit very successfully mind you.  

There's been a huge amount to do recently regards studio organisation which has taken gentle and diplomatic shuffling in order to get everyone into new studios and make the space work.  I just hope it gives people an exciting kick up the bum to come in more and use the studios.  They have got the talent and the skills - they just need to gain courage to push it a little.  
I dont see the point in having a studio if you are not exhibiting or making some thing of your work...?  I am sure there are artists out there who just 'create' for love but I am not convinced there are many who would turn down the opportunity to sell some work or exhibit and be seen. Its only going to happen if you push it, push it real good. (to quote 'Salt and Pepper!') It annoys me when artists complain about being skint but do nothing or bark up totally the wrong tree.

Maybe I sound conceited or something - I dont know.... I just believe anything is possible if 'one' puts 'ones' mind to it. 

IS it easier to not try ... than it is to fail.  

Am I ranting on?

YES YOU ARE LOUIJI!  Its not as straight forward as that for Gods sake you old bat!

Tat ta

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