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Thursday, 7 January 2010

1 hour left

... Until I am 38!

It is my Birthday tomorrow!

I have been working in the studio every day except new years day  ( when I was no good for anything) and have several new pieces on the go in prepartion for my next exhibition. I will be working tomorrow on my birthday and then I am meeting loads of friends to get extraordinarily drunk.  Then I will shuffle home on my bottom no doubt! 
Next Exhibition - 



JANUARY 23rd - February 27th

I will be showing approximately 12 new embroideries based on fizzing flowers and feathery friends alongside my good friend and talented ceramic artist, Sophie Woodrow.

Despite the ice and the endless negative reports about extreme weather and a general air of doom and gloom on the television I am absolutely loving the weather and being in my unheated studio creating brand new quirky works.  Feeling super creative and colourful in fact for 2010.

My heart goes out to the people stranded or unable to venture outside, especially the aged but really are we all being a little over dramatic as usual?  Or is it just the press?
I have to slide down the hill every morning and have nearly ended up ass over tit a few times but I do that when its not icey anyway! Frankly it makes a lovely change to see quiet roads, blue skies and crisp winter mornings.  Everywhere looks pretty magical.

So Happy Birthday to me and all my goaty friends who have birthdays around now!
Bottoms up! Or should I say down.


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