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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Up Close and Personal.

Yo Yo Yo!  
Still recovering from the intensity of the last few months but this sunshine sure helps.

Relishing Details of Number 3

Sophie Broadbridge, my faboolous photographer friend sent me some more wonderful shots from Collect and I suppose I am kinda mourning them.... BECAUSE!!!!!!

I have sold 4 of the 5 pieces that I displayed at Collect which is absolutely fantastico. 
It has made all the hard work so worth while and I am totally delighted.  
It has to be said 'one' cant help but feel quite bereft to have to say Goodbye to artwork which took so much out of me... my passion ... both physical and mental energies.  
BUT it is a totally necessary thing to happen and I couldn't wish for better clients.  
I am left with Number 4 which is actually my favourite ... well I say that ... I liked them all ... they change all the time ....but number 4 is the most exciting design ... the most complex... it was kind of the peak piece before the final count down.  However they all had they're own personality ... different parts making up a whole.... maybe different aspects of human nature ... or even my own personality.  

Relishing Details of Number 5.... I saw this one the least as it was finished the day before it left for London.  I would have liked to have stared at it a while.  It was floaty ..blousy... a bit like an art deco jellyfish ... a swirling plant like bubble plant ...a popping blossom .... I could go on....

 Details of Number 5

Details of Number 5

 Details of Number 4

 Details of Number 2

I will write more soon but I am so swamped in admin and catching up with other projects and workshop bookings that I don't seem to have much time.  Its all a bit strange!!!
Cant believe its all over... I want to do it again. 

I have had the pleasure of hand feeding a baby calf with a bottle several times a day ... will post photos soon.  She has started suckling now and I put her out with her Mum into the field today for the first time.  She was lying in the long grass and sniffing the earth last time I saw her at around 7-30pm.  



  1. Thanks for letting us bob along on your special journey. I feel very inspired! Although I only joined your journey towards the end, I feel a bit bereft that it's all over but I'm looking forward to popping by in the future to see what you're up to.
    And Congrats on selling your work. x

  2. Well done Louise : ) I just love your pieces , you must be soooo happy .......I'm happy 4 you :) Love Dorota Qtown

  3. I have just come across your blog. Your work is beautiful I have become a follower of your blog and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Loved my visit to 'Collect' Made a bee line for your exhibit & was only disappointed that you hadn't got any cards of the work for sale. Delighted that you sold four pieces as they were all stunning.



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