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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A sprinkle of Figurative Fun

Its fun doing some figurative commissions again. They feel familiar and cheery. 

For a lovely Glaswegian nurse.....who appreciates some off duty bathing.

A commission for my Uncle's birthday .... commissions for people you know.... 
the most difficult pieces to do! 

Lots of 'in' jokes and quirky bits.  

'I'm all shook up'

 I have been designing some new cards for Woodmansterne for the range refresh .... Look out for those in various card shops, Waitrose and John Lewis.  I love designing characters who are verging on the ridiculous... they make me laugh.

'The King'

'One Handed Scratch.'

Well the weather has changed but my goodness it was great wasn't it.  
SO SO Beautiful.  This country looks amazing in the sunshine.

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