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Friday, 16 September 2011

A near bloody disaster!

Oh Lord!

Yesterday I sat outside in my jeans and my bra reading a book. I consumed this book in three days because I couldn't put it down..... Its been a while, I have had reader's block and I forgot what an intense reader I am ... All or nothing.... I almost ate it.  Munch munch munch paper eating wordy monster.
It became my best friend ... my life... my passion and then suddenly it was all over, the damn thing came to an end and I was cross.

Reality hit and of course procrastination out the window....I had to get back to the desk and continue working on a last minute commission I said yes to on Thursday because sometimes you just cant say no.

The next commission (after this one) is very important to me and I keep putting it off as it simmers in my brain ... its so important that it feels like a huge rocky mountain almost impossible to climb.  I have hugely aching thumbs at the moment and the leaves are turning.  I saw my first conkers today.  BUT I am getting there in my head and a vision is forming slowly. In fact I have emailed drawings to my client and am waiting ... nervously hoping she likes the ideas.  It's actually quite out there as surrealism goes and IF it's successful will be a new piece entirely.

Inspired by Japanese prints, textiles, painting, Weeping Willows, Douglas Firs, Scots Pine (?) blossom, chinoiserie, sequins, dust, dew, the moon and magical tree houses/ tents / yurts ...I think its gonna be a challenge..... Its about getting a steady fluid mixture of trippy childlike dreamscapes with serene classy maturity.  Right. Yes Luigi.  Call that a plan?

So today I had my bestest patron come to see me.  He has followed my career since I began 15 years ago.  He has bought 17 pieces of my work over the years and I am very very lucky that he likes my work so much.  He is a very passionate and lovely man who has helped me pay the bills and remain an artist all this time.  I am full of thankyou.

As we were sitting there discussing a commission ... it began to absolutely pour with rain outside.  We are talking Mancunian monsoon... Mancsoon.  Having only been in the old dairy for a month and having only just taken down my exhibition at Quarry Bank Mill, I came to the realisation that a/ My roof leaks especially in Mancsoon and b/ that I had about £8000 worth of embroideries directly under the leak.  LUCKILY (Massive understatement) I had wrapped them all in big silver 'stiffy bags' (every artists dream to looking after work and packing up an exhibition).  AND luckily I was there when it happened not reading a book in my bra outside.

So I managed to move things out of the way unharmed as water trickled down the bottom painted edge of 'Blooming Marvellous'  a recent biggy, into a pool on my plan chest  forming streams on the floor.

Phewy wooey woo.

Thank the lord on high in the sky I was in there at the time...

Time to mend the roof.... more procrastination.

Louwet Pourdinelly.

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