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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Feelin the need to write. Feeling the need to write.. Feelin the need to wrte... Feelikaht the bsgy to sfsth.
Feeling the need to wrote.  Feeling the need to write.


How are ya!?

What's YOUR USP?

I am trying to find mine.

I am feeling frishtrarted.  Which is a mix of frustrated and Fish tar tare.
I am psychologically lively.
My creative consciousness is relentless.

I have a huge amount of work to do.
It is filling up and boiling over and I am going to have to explode.
I have had 3 weeks off sewing.

Just a bit, for a week and it was marvellous, relaxing and serene.
In Devon.
Wow what a fantastic place Devon is.  The water is cold!
I could live there.  Maybe 6 months a year.  Watching the people, the beach bugs and the sea.

Oh to have a life where you can do that.  That is my AIM.

Opportunity.  Action. PRO activity. UNIQUE SELLING POTENTIAL. Commerciality.  Branding.  Futures. Pension.  Maturity.  Is this the answer?

USP.  Unique Selling Point.




Undeniably Serious Procrastination.

Duck!  I feel like an electric eel that runs out of POWER!
The ebbs and the flows of freelance self-employed living.
The highs the lows.  The downtimes, the shows.  I nose I is a poet in the same poets hose.
The insatiable desire for MORE all the time.  Mainly involving stitches. OR people.
It must be the solitary confinement kicking in.  The hours spent studying the needle punching in and out of the canvas.  Moving the canvas millimeter by millimeter alongside the battling noise of the machine.  GET ON WITH IT LOU! PULL YOUR BLOOMING FINGER OUT!  YOU HAVE WORK TO DO!  You need to create a master piece! Something that will lift you out of the cellar of craft and launch you into the ethalons of ART!

I have some seriously big commissions of challenging variety and I want to create something new.
If I cant be conventional then I really want to up my game.  Or go on the game.  Thats the choice.

I am bored and I need something exciting to happen  .  I need to make it happen.

Time to get my new studio established and get on with some bloody work.

Get jiggy with it.

I am going to develop a sewing gun.

Or has this already been done?

Some recent snapsa.

Mum's 1st Red Currants and White Currants.

Night before Bristol Show... Kitchen painting and Finishing off.  

Just before bed.

Open Studio Opening Night View.


The Grim Reaper, GE.

A Stylish Man.

A Stylish Woman.

In a trance.

Some Big Hair.

Lost in the Wilderness.

Ice T.

Follow it yeah?

Sophisticated and beautiful Ms Reed.

La La. 


  1. I wouldn't bother with maturity, it's seriously overrated.xx

  2. Hi Louise, I got to see your work at Quarry Mill, and really enjoyed seeing your work again. My "Fave" was the canvas you had painted black after you'd worked it. I also liked the touch of having your tools of the trade laid out for people to look at.
    May your creative energies continue to sizzle and pop!



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Louise :)

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