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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tumba ... Thai Style Zumba!

Wandering around some beautiful temples yesterday and by chance we came across .... can you believe it ..... 
a THAI ZUMBA Class!  

Zumba to Thai music.

So, I joined in of course :)
'A' took these snaps... and yes a film which I am hoping will upload.

At first the ladies were shoo-ing A and I away with their hands but once they realised that I was harmless and enthusiastic they wouldn't actually let me go and made me stay till the end.  I really enjoyed it  except for the fact that I knew that I was asking for it with the mossies.  
They absolutely love me and are eating me bit by bit .... 
I have bites all over my body and am slowly going insane. 

Such great fun joining in and watching the elderly ladies with absolutely no apparent rhythm.  
There were all ages from 7 - 80 involved and the lady in charge would squeal every time the move changed.
They kept turning around to check out my moves and I think they were quite impressed.  
It was pretty repetitive and uncomplicated ....  some of the ladies just swayed.  
It was SO humid hot ... I perspired afterwards for about an hour... 

Definitely going to go to Zumba or dancing classes when I get back.
If you want 'feel good factor' find a class and join in. 
Its like going to a family wedding... all different shapes and sizes and ages and abilities.... 
very levelling and fab fun.

So 'D' in Welly ..... I thought of you! 

Cha Cha Cha.

Lou Batty Dancin.

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