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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A few last snaps of the Superstitchers work in Dunny and Welly...

Nancy's Superstichers

The Dunnys' 2nd stitch Extravaganza - I promised something different...

I asked everyone to bring a toy... what a wonderful collection ....

A fantastic Completed work brought to show me..... I love this piece ... it makes me laugh.
Its sort of close to my heart.

For a Louiji lesson in keeping your toes warm..... K... I will always chuckle...

Dolls turn into cherubs......

TA TA!!!!!!

Aren't they all great! Wish I could post more up but just putting these up has taken nearly 2 hours.

Goodnight .

Lou Flew from Welly. ;)

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  1. what a much loved bear! found your blog after seeing illustration you did for the beeb on a medival history program, really cool. reminded me of marcia williams work, which i and my kids loved, when they were smaller.
    i wish me and my sewing machine were better friends!



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