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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hungover Here.

Bleughhggh.  Ello.

Last night I drank the entire contents of a bar with my Australian partners in crime and a Thai lady called Maggie who wore long stripey pink socks. 
I am not going to write much now as there is a beer fuelled blog in the wings on my lap top from yesterday evening.  Presently on the hostel computa and I just been checking my emails.  There is a girl frantically hoovering around me, Lionel Richie has just been put on extremely loud as well as the TV, the room is full of a random selection of English backpackers comparing hangovers and its not helping the head and hip problems. 

Its absolutely pee peeing down in QT.
What is it about me and time off and rain?

For crying out loud sisters of mercy be! I want my money back!
Gonna have to go have an other flat white in the chocopatisserieparlour place to get that blog online. 
Must start writing my big best seller soon.


1 comment:

  1. Hello Louise,
    Should have warned you about those Aussies!!

    Hope the banging head subsides soon.
    This is the second go at writing this, the first one dissapeared, so if you get two comments from me, I'm not stalking you.

    Nice warm sunny day here in Dunnas, when do you arrive over here?? and when do you leave for Christchurch??

    If you would like to have a quick catch up then let me know.

    Keep dry.

    Michelle Naughty Gauty AKA The Old Goat



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