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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Spontaneous individuality!

Woop Woop! Yeaaahhhh! Lets Dance.
This is my quick stop off for Avila Beach just south of San Luis Obispo. At the farmers markets they usually have at least one band and because the weather is so reliably dry here ... they get the whole kit out on the pavements and everybody brings chairs and eats the local produce from the farmers at the market. Especially organic, fruit and veg .... huge big punnets of gorgeous strawberries, Mexican influenced food, local honey and large bunches of lavender on stalls right next to the beach. Lovely place. Lovely sunshine. Lovely people.

So proud of their flag .... despite its size ... its a close knit nation

APPARENTLY, this is the keyboard player from U2..........? !

Wooooohooooooooo! Lets dance in the sunshine!

The band .... 'Unfinished Business' ... Rock and Roll Baby!!

A Lovely couple I met in the sunshine ...

Enjoying the sunshine and the local farmers market. Watching other locals shake their booty.

Loved watching the locals dance. It doesn't take long for Americans to get up and have a dance. Great. Such a joyous atmosphere and fabulous sunny vibes. It was a bit like being at a wedding seeing all different ages, all different sizes having a good old jig. Some right old rockers, hippies and lots of kids. Brilliant. I Love it. It puts everything on a back burner for a while and freezes time in a magical ...'you know what ... despite all that's going on in the world right now and with my life .... lets dance and enjoy ourselves for just a moment.'
How often do we do that? Not often enough.

There is a huge undercurrent of woe in the US right now because of the oil spill. Generally people feel really really angry, really worried and maybe guilty, as we all should do, that the world is going in the wrong direction and we are doing a very good job of collectively fucking it over. (Sorry but we are.)
We are all aware that our lifestyles have a lot to answer for, with oil consumption, car usage and ignorance.....
I feel that we are not really getting to grips with the idea that we with effort can actually make a difference and we need to speak out more. That it is worthwhile re- thinking your life style. I am guilty of it. I mean I am flying around the world for starters. I am surprised that the US is making me think more about looking after my own country and the world in general. The farmers markets, the clean streets, the lust for life and general friendly vibe and respect for one another. You know there is a $1000 fine for littering and there are signs everywhere. There is hardly any litter ... makes the UK and the cities I know look disgusting. When I think of the rubbish in Stokes Croft and the dog crap .... it makes me really angry. Its disgusting actually. Why are we letting this happen in the UK? Have we no pride? Sorry but looking at it from here it is amazing how ignorant people are and how much fly tipping there is in Bristol.

Sorry don't want to rant. Lets it leave it there for now.

It Independence day ... my last full day in the States and I am going to the beach, even though it is sodding cloudy to see the locals party!

Louzeee Louu :)

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