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Thursday, 1 July 2010

They dont do it justice and its hard to choose but here are some snaps from the past two days.


BIG SURRRR..... Santa Cruz..... sleeping sea lions, cakes, mountains, me and myself, sand, sea, some drift wood shelters, sandcastles ...but no sex.

Maybe Barbie and Ken live here? (up or down you choose.)

This was taken through the white fence surrounded by roses and the white mercedes was behind me.

For gods sake ... its ridicaluss!!! Look at these !!!
And these are just a few ... there were rows and rows but surrounded by GORGEOUS old withered and silvery firs and pines and Eucalyptus and roses and little house shaped postboxes and poodles running around gayly enjoying the goregous sunshine.. makes ya sick. ;) Could I live here? With Ken ... yes. It is a gorgeous place and the beach is wild and white and cliffy. Mad.

Both Wood.

Drift Wood in Big Surr off Highway one.

Ok ok so I am getting used to being on my own again... the only thing that made me moan was some crap news from home.... nothing important and a lesson in looking to the present and not the past. Nothing that a 2 mile beach walk and a couple of glasses or red wine, a driftwood moustache wont sort. Ok, Ok, small things.... In fact I went from Santa Cruz ( by the way the woman who moaned to me about the internet whilst I was elbow deep in toilet water DID SNORE!!!! And she was on the bunk above me. I would rather dish poo than share a room with someone who snores. Sorry , but I am a light sleeper and not a sea lion.)

Got this self timer thing sorted.

Another big trunkarooney. Normally when go away I concentrate on taking photos of friends and the like but hey.....me me me.

Wow. Look at these beauties and tell me there not the Daddy. Absolutely awesome scenery ... I never imagined just how beautiful California is. And I am only experiencing a snippet.

The winds are high and the sand stings and smacks your skin as you walk along the coast.
Taken from a piece of sheltered drift wood just before I got a serious case of sandy contact lense.
Saw otters swimming in the sea ... pretty eyes and whiskers and wet black heads pooping up here and there.

Asked the sea a few things today.
It didnt reply but kept on rolling. It is relentless in the most sublime and repetative motion. Cant believe it never ever ever stops.... the waves were strong and wide, like walls crashing. The Pacific is BIG. Sounds obvious but my god it knocks you out and makes you feel very very little.

Seaweed whip.

Highway 1!

Treated myself to a cup of tea and a Macaroon.

Carmel by the sea.... the most affluent, picture box, preened and polished and rich and quaint area I have ever visited. Bought a pen. An retractable ink pen. For my postcards.

The famous GAYLES cake shop in Monterey Bay..... Bloody hell. As I type, I am eating a chicken and quorn salad I bought for my tea which is to die for. I had breakfast there..... a cafe au lait, Grenola (Muesli) and yoghurt by the fire. They have a number system and a lady with a microphone, bit like cake and sarny bingo.

A little house in the gorgeous town Santa Cruz. Theres a big fat naff bit, roller coaster and a pier with sleeping sea lions which I loved, but I spent most of my time wlaking the back streets looking at the houses. The people that live here have everything at their finger tips. There are several beaches ... gorgeous white sand, a harbour, gorgeous balconies and a brilliant book shop where i bought my first travelling book. ( Moo -I will read this one promise!)

Under the board walk looking away from the snoring sea lions.

Can you believe it!!!!!!
At first I thought they were dead from a distance until I got closer and heard the snoring. Like being in a bloody hostel!!! They were priceless and extremely lazy and grumpy. A little baby flip flopped over the others at one point ... what a commotion!!!! So funny. Loved them. Reminded me of family.

Lou Lion X

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