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Thursday, 8 October 2009


I would just like to say Hello in advance to any of the Women's Hour listeners!
Thank you for having a listen and a look!
I hope you liked what you heard, that is was entertaining and interesting... although at the moment its still not happened, its the night before and I just had bacon and egg for tea.
I have driven up from Bristol, have brought 7 of my original embroideries, my new sewing machine (I wanted to bring my old trusted original covered in travel stickers but it is a bit poorly after miles and miles of sewing) some threads, some canvas and a bottle of sherry! OK, not a bottle of sherry but I think I will feel like I need a tipple before going on air tomorrow but I don't think the producer will allow it.  Wouldn't be very clever to be a bit tipsy on the radio.

I am no longer having an interview on my own as apparently the producer wanted to 'contextualise' embroidery and make it more of a discussion about the recent revival of CRAFT. Of course I am disappointed as I wanted to talk all about the exciting projects I have done, people I have met, my studio, the technique, the lifestyle, the sacrifices, survival techniques, the ups, the downs and the future and the art of drawing with a needle.  I am sure it will be an interesting discussion and a very good artist and lecturer from MMU, Lynn Setterington, will be there too. So we will see.  
Loads of peeps are out there as dedicated makers (Hello!) who make amazing things and its about time they got some proper press, support and limelight as they in my opinion are brave, industrious, talented and strong people. Lets celebrate our nation's talent! Get them all on Woman's Hour! 
Lets have a party.


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